Friday, September 24, 2010

Pick nuggets while surfing. Put the joy back into browsing.

Update: The bookmarklet mentioned in this article has now moved to driLLL. Here's a video that shows the benefits of driLLL.

Original article is retained here:

How often have you landed on a page, filled with links and wondered which links you should follow on?

How often have you wondered if there's something useful behind a link?

We've just launched a new bookmarklet today, that changes the way you read, research and browse the web!

Lets say you are searching on a topic, prisms, and land on the wikipedia page, Prism (Optics). You read most of the text here. You are overwhelmed by the rich linking on the page, and wonder which of those links have useful information for you. You may want to know about "total internal reflection", or about "dispersion", or about, how eye care professionals use prisms. Information related to these are all hidden away behind the links. A few are obvious to click. A few are nt. The ones that you want could be two links away. How do you get there? You forget, or you keep clicking. Worse, you may hit the back button, go to Google and search again.

All that changes from today.

You'll first install our bookmarklet. Go to, drag our "Nuggetize on the go" to your browser's bookmarks or favorites bar. This is just javascript. Its perfectly safe. We dont even require you to login or register to use us.

Browse to a page like Prism (Optics).

Press the "Nuggetize on the go" button on your bookmarks.

Lo! In a few seconds, we analyse this page, and its link neighborhood and keep it ready for your exploration. See how easy it now becomes to inspect information in all those references.

You want something specific. Just close our overlay, look at the article and select any piece of text. Say, "Ray angle deviation and dispersion through a prism can be determined by tracing a sample ray through the element and using Snell's law at each interface."

Now hit "Nuggetize on the go" again. See how the nuggets picked from this page's neighborhood just got contextualized.

You like some nugget and want to see more similar ones? Just click on "Show similar" and get there.

This works on most of the public web!



  1. wew so difficult sir >.<

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  2. nice article and keep posting..
    but, im sorry i cant understand this artikel , is so difficult in my brain..hehe :D

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